I am Bright – Introduced to the world on November 3rd 2003 @10:10 AM – Yes! the smiley face on your watch!


Born and raised in Belgium, I grew up in the wonderful countryside village of Nokere before moving to Orange County, California at the age of 16.  My family name is Piens.  Known for the biggest and greatest Musical Instruments Retail Store in Europe “Piens Music Planet”.  My family smoothly transitioned from the Music scene into the real estate world by developing state of the art commercial real estate.   Growing up in retail brick and mortar and the internet business, I embraced an eagerness to succeed in life. In addition to learning from my hard-working parents, I have been educated at Catholic schools my entire life. I am currently a high school student at Mater Dei High School completing my Senior Year.  Class of 2021.


My older brother Ietse Piens graduated from Mater Dei Highschool and is now majoring business in college.


What are my biggest passions and how am I as a person?


Firstly, I have been a football (soccer) player my entire life. I am currently playing for Strikers FC Irvine and have played for top teams such as Zulte Waregem and KSV Oudenaarde In Belgium. In 2018, I proceeded to the last round of the pre-selections for the Belgian National Team. As a Left forward/striker, I am a goalscorer. Scoring and winning with the team makes me so happy! That aspect of the game is by far the biggest reason why I love to play.  This sport is my way to put my competitive spirit into action.  I set very high standards for myself. This is how I am : very determined, committed and self-motivated. Overall, I am tremendously grateful for all the unforgettable moments on and off the football pitch. I believe I would not be the same person without it.


Secondly, I love being around people. Interacting and connecting is an aptitude of mine. Throughout my life I have been able to interact and communicate very easily. People tell me they always see me with the biggest smile on my face! Overall, I am tremendously thankful for my life and am very grateful for all the wonderful connections I have had the chance to make so far.


Thirdly, my enthusiasm for business entrepreneurship and Real Estate. Growing up in an entrepreneurial environment of family and friends, I have definitely adopted this attitude to be brave and eager to learn.   As a young and eager business-minded person I am getting more knowledgeable every single day by reading tons of books and learning off and listening to the very best in the business.


Last but not least, I love to travel around the world. Creating forever lasting memories with my family and friends and see as much of the wonderful world you and I live in as possible!  My ability to speak four different languages is also helping me to connect with different and interesting new cultures.


When spare-time left I also get some modelling jobs in the fashion-industry, commercial ads or acting … in Bollywood movies and hopefully Hollywood soon!


Always look on the Bright side !!